Thanks to the support of the ERDF 2014-2020 program and the Brussels-Capital Region, Innoviris and Brustart, subsidiary of and the SRIB group, are able to join forces to ensure an easier market launch for innovation projects from Brussels SME in key areas for the Brussels-Capital Region.

In doing so, both government institutions hope to remedy the lack of financing available for starting business projects and present a new financing program in seed capital: Bruseed.

Bruseed, managed by Brustart, is a new financing program (shareholding or loans) directed exclusively towards young, innovative companies still in their development or pre-commercialization phase.

Supported companies:

  • Founded less than five years ago

  • SME independent of other major groups

  • Innovative company (product, process, commercialization of organization)

  • All sectors. Note: even though the procedure remains the same, the budget allocated under the ERDF 2014-2020 program specifically concerns these sectors: raw materials and waste, sustainable food, construction and renewable energy, health and person-oriented care and media – creative sectors – tourism or hospitality (evolution towards digitization or sustainability)

The eligibility conditions for this programme are:

  • You have to develop all or some of the activities of your company within the territory covered by the Brussels-Capital Region

  • You are working on the development of a business project

  • Your company has to be registered as a nv/SA or bvba/SPRL

Funding applications can be submitted through the online form at the end of this page.

The project carrier makes sure to include a detailed business plan to the form and provides sufficient explanation for the innovative aspects of the project. Innoviris analyses the business plan and evaluates the presented innovation.

In case of a favourable evaluation by Innoviris, an interview is planned between the project carrier and a Brustart analyst. After the interview, the analyst carries out a thorough analysis of the business plan which is presented to the investment committee. That committee has the final say over whether or not the investment can be approved.

Type of financial support

Funding of maximum 250 000€.

  • Loan (over 3 to 5 years, with interest depending on risk)

  • Capital (minority interest)

  • Convertible bond


Online form

Any questions ? Please contact :

Innoviris  BruStart:

François Billen

Financial Advisor

Industrial Research and Innovation Team

Tel. +32 2 600 50 28

Mathilde Lévy

Financial Analyst


Tel. +32 2 548 22 11