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Bridge - Strategic platforms

Strategic platforms

The Bridge programme aims, through "Strategic platforms", to support projects in which particular attention is paid to opportunities for industrial applications for Brussels enterprises. 

These are collaborative and multidisciplinary research projects in priority fields for the Brussels-Capital Region and for which economic enhancement in the Brussels-Capital Region may be envisaged in the short or medium term.

The key sectors retained are: 

  • ICT (information and communication technologies)  

  • Life Sciences

  • Environment 

Projects which enable the bringing together of a consortium of one or several research units on one side and representatives from the industrial sector on the other side are strongly encouraged. This also applies to representatives from the Brussels associative and institutional sector. The aim of these interactions is to transfer the project's technologies and knowledge to the Brussels industrial, associative and institutional fabric. Research organisations are the beneficiaries of the financial intervention. 

The Bridge programme, formerly known under the name 'strategic platforms' was launched for the first time in 2010. It is inspired by the Regional Plan for Innovation (PRI) and aims to reinforce measures taken since 2006 in the frame of so-called "impulse" programmes.

You may benefit from Bridge aid if: 

  • you are part of a research unit or a research organisation (university, higher education institution or collective research centre) with at least one head office based in the Brussels-Capital Region.

  • your research unit has a research project which corresponds to a theme proposed in the call for projects in progress

  • your project will be implemented in the frame of a consortium comprising at least two research units (partners) belonging to research organisations with at least one head office in the Brussels-Capital Region

  • the research teams benefit from a well-established scientific reputation in the fields concerned and have sufficiently complementary competences

  • at least two letters of intent from Brussels enterprises (project 'patron') must be enclosed with your application in order to reflect industrial interest of companies in your proposal. Patronage is also extended to Brussels-based associations and institutions.


  • You may submit your Expression of Interest to Innoviris up until 19 February 2016 at 2 pm using this form.

  • In addition to the Expression of Interest template, this document also presents the detailed rules for the programme (philosophy, evaluation process, eligibility conditions, definition of the theme, etc.).

Type and duration of financial intervention

In order to encourage collaboration between Brussels research units and enterprises, Bridge projects are financed at a rate of 100%. The grant is allocated to the consortium's coordinating research team. It divides the budget up between all the academic partners participating in the project. The financial aid covers a maximum period of three years, renewable for a maximum of three years.


Bridge 2015 edition

For its sixth edition, the theme of the Bridge action is energy independence.

In order to prepare the platform, Innoviris consulted a variety of Brussels-based sectoral and academic stakeholders with a view to selecting the most relevant research themes for the region on the basis of:

  • available academic expertise

  • the potential benefit which Brussels enterprises, associations and institutions may be able to get out of the research results.

The specific research theme retained this year is: ENERGY HARVESTING, STORAGE AND MANAGEMENT AT DEVICE AND µGRID LEVELS

The definition of the theme and its context is provided in the Expression of Interest form.

Bridge projects from previous years

If you are looking for further information about Bridge projects from previous years, please consult the next page.


Innoviris contact persons 


Xavier Hulhoven

Scientific Advisor

Strategic Research Team

Tél. +32 2 600 50 68


Aiko Gryspeirt

Scientific Advisor

Strategic Research Team

Tél. +32 2 600 50 27